Hey! I’m Morgan and I want to be your photographer!

Too Strong? My bad. 

Let’s try again.

Hi! Thank you for wanting to learn a bit about me before we start this journey together.
I bought my first camera in 2015 with absolutely no idea of what I was going to do with it. Just point and shoot right? Yeah, no. I have fallin in love with the creative and community photography brings and am so excited to share that with you. 


My goal as your senior photographer is to bring out the best in you! While at first a bit awkward, being in front of the camera with your hype squad cheering you on can lift your confidence to a new high. I am an extra tool to build up and support you in your last year of high school. Let’s show off how much you have grown as a person over these last 12 years. Whether that be through a sport, art, music, cars, theater; whatever makes you, YOU! 


Our session together will be light hearted and fun to ensure genuine smiles and goofy grins. I have all my seniors fill out questionnaires because it is important to me that I know who you are as a person. It also keeps me from killing the vibe by doing things like playing your least favorite song in the middle of our session. We will get a variety of images during our session so you can have plenty of options for your yearbook, graduation announcements, and any family who want your beautiful face on their walls.

Fun Facts: 

> I am a mom of 2 girls. They are my favorite dance partners and the best hype team a mom could ask for.


> I have lived in 5 states: California, Florida, Rhode Island, Idaho and Texas.


> I love working with kids and teens! I have been a camp counselor, youth leadership teacher, elementary & middle school volleyball coach, newborn hospital photographer. All teaching me something new about communication and the importance of trust.


> I am a millennial nerd. I love Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, Doctor Who, Disney; I could go on but you get the idea. Let’s talk fan theories, easter eggs, and series surprises! 


> If you are into Enneagrams, I am a 9w1. If you don’t know what enneagrams are and would like to, let's talk!