"Well, Hiya!"

Do you have a toddler, teen, or partner who seems to be "allergic" to taking photos?

I hear you! My oldest daughter had a whole year of avoiding any kind of photo, group or individual. I remember feeling so defeated any time we even tried getting that ONE photo.


But have hope!

Through trial and error with my own munchkins, I have learned the best medicine for photo "allergies" is ACTIVITY.

Hi! I'm Morgan Johnson, a professional photographer who understands that fighting the wiggles leads to sad faces. By embracing the stage of life you are living, you will see your most authentic selves. I aim to capture love and personality in what ever form it comes. Sometimes that looks like tickles and running down hills. Sometimes that is taking a quiet moment together to snuggle and read a book. Both are beautiful and tell the story of your life as it is right now.


"But like, what else do you do?"

Here are some other quick tidbits about my life! 

  • Living the #momlife with my two crazy, strong, snugly daughters. 

  • My partner and I have lived in Boise, ID since 2014. He and I moved up here with a truck and a trailer full of hand-me-down furniture, a vague idea of where we were going to live, and no idea how any of this was going to happen.

  • I am a nerd at heart. I grew up going to Harry Potter premieres and watching Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and superhero films. I discovered the amazingness that is Doctor Who in high school. In 2014, I joined the BSU quidditch team where I met some of my amazing friends. 

  •  I loved working with kids even before I had my own. I worked at the YMCA as a day camp counselor and originally went to school to become a physical education teacher. I still love to coach and stay connected to the community.

  • My mom took some of the best photos of my siblings and I growing up. She made me realize that hanging photos is what made a house a home.

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